OxiPhos Bactericide Fungicide (2.5 Gls) Foliar Spray Soil Drench Transplant Dip

OxiPhos Bactericide Fungicide (2.5 Gls) Foliar Spray Soil Drench Transplant Dip
OxiPhos Bactericide Fungicide (2.5 Gls) Foliar Spray Soil Drench Transplant Dip

OxiPhos Bactericide Fungicide (2.5 Gls) Foliar Spray Soil Drench Transplant Dip
This product has been classified by the US DOT as a hazardous material. OxiPhos Bactericide / Fungicide - 2.5 Gals Active Ingredient: Hydrogen peroxide 14%, Mono- and di- potassium salts of phosphorous acid 27.1% SYSTEMIC BACTERICIDE/FUNGICIDE OxiPhos is a combination of phosphorous acid and activated peroxide that provides a one-two punch against diseases.

The activated peroxide helps the phosphorous acid active ingredient to have a broader effect on targeted organisms. OxiPhos can be used throughout the growing season to prevent and control diseases caused by the oomycete group of pathogens. Systemic Action: Potassium salts of Phosphorus Acid, also called Potassium Phosphite, metabolize inside the plants into phosphorus acid. Phosphorus Acid inhibits oxidative phosphorylation in the metabolism of oomycetes and blocks essential pathogen enzymes limiting pathogen growth directly.

Potassium phosphite has also shown to enhance the natural defense system of plants. Contact Action: Hydrogen Peroxide, upon contact with pathogens, oxidizes components of cell membrane resulting in increased cell permeability and eventual death. OxiPhos is effective against pythium leak, pink rot, blight tuber rot and late blight. For application, treat harvested potatoes before and during storage. Enforce the solution directly on bin piler conveyors and instill by means of humidification systems.

For a more powerful performance, OxiPhos can be mixed with StorOx 2.0. Combining the two bactericide or fungicide will be great for pre-harvest foliar applications. Targets: Downy Mildew, Bacterial Bblight, Phytophthora spp and Pythium spp. And others Read label for complete list Use: Crops Azaleas Begonias, Boxwoods Geraniums, Impatiens, Marigolds, Pansies Petunias, Poinsettias Roses, Rhododendrons, Snapdragons, etc.

, Turf and Ornamentals Application: Apply as Foliar Spray, Soil Drench or Transplant Dip Read label for complete application instructions APPLICATION DIRECTIONS. Mixing this product with certain surfactants, foliar fertilizers, or other pesticides can cause crop injury. Determine crop sensitivity to a particular combination by spraying a small area of foliage and fruit. Evaluate 3 to 7 days later for adverse effects.

Do not use at higher than labeled dilution rates as leaf burn may result. Not every species or variety of ornamental plant has been tested for its tolerance to this product.

Since OxiPhos has not been tested all plant species, it is always advisable to test OxiPhos on a few plants before treating large numbers. Determine the compatibility of this product with any other product by mixing approximately 1 pint of this product spray solution with other products in the same proportion and order as the contemplated use. The mixture will typically show signs of incompatibility within 5 to 15 minutes. Do not use this mixture if any signs of incompatibility appear.

If a tank mixture is being considered, read and follow all directions and precautions on this product label and on the labels of any products that will be used in the tank mixture. Mixing of this product with other products has been known to increase the salt content and the potential for fruit burn. Environmental factors that could exasperate burn potential include applying product during the following conditions: 1 temperatures above 90°F, 2 shortly after a rain event 3 during color break of the fruit. Apply with extreme caution when these conditions exist. Determine crop sensitivity to these factors by spraying small areas of foliage and fruit.

Evaluate 7 to 10 days later for adverse effects. Read label for complete application instructions. Pest Control Products always have a label attached and it is here by noted that for all purposes the label is the law and according to federal law the product label must be followed and that any pesticide product must be used according to the label directions.

Any advice or recommendations given by American Pest supplies or anyone representing American Pest Supplies will never be intended to take the place of the pesticide label. The pesticide label is the law and a legal document.

Always read and follow the label directions before using any pesticide product. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and/or the end user to provide a license, permit, registration etc. The products we sell are intended for personal use only, in accordance with the customer's state laws and restrictions.

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OxiPhos Bactericide Fungicide (2.5 Gls) Foliar Spray Soil Drench Transplant Dip

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