Garlon 4 Ultra Triclopyr 60.45% Herbicide 2.5 Gallon Woody Brush Killer

Garlon 4 Ultra Triclopyr 60.45% Herbicide 2.5 Gallon Woody Brush Killer

Garlon 4 Ultra Triclopyr 60.45% Herbicide 2.5 Gallon Woody Brush Killer

Garlon 4 Ultra Herbicide - 2.5 Gallons. Active Ingredient: 60.45% Triclopyr Butoxyethyl ester. Non-petroleum-based, plant-derived methylated seed oil solvent, reducing environmental impact. Industry standard for cut-stump, basal bark and dormant stem treatments. Demonstrates increased efficacy on multiple woody species, including mesquite, sweetgum and scotch broom.

Broad-spectrum control of brush and broadleaf weeds. Packaged in easy-to-use 2.5 gallon containers.

The performance standard for right-of-way vegetation management. The state-of-the-art formulation of Garlon 4 Ultra specialty herbicide was developed by Dow AgroSciences to deliver enhanced performance on unwanted vegetation along roadsides, industrial rights-of-way and similar noncrop sites. The advanced, patented formulation also helps ensure the continued availability of the workhorse active ingredient triclopyr for professional right-of-way vegetation management. Garlon 4 Ultra is available exclusively from Dow AgroSciences to meet the changing needs of vegetation management professionals, the public and the environment.

The innovative formulation uses a plant-derived solvent as a proactive measure to reduce organic compounds and petroleum distillates, reduce odor and improve overall performance. Dow AgroSciences also has updated and improved the label directions as part of its ongoing stewardship initiative. Garlon 4 Ultra is labeled to effectively control more than 55 woody plants and more than 25 tough-to-control annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in noncrop areas that include roadsides, railroads, pipelines, industrial sites, forests and rights-of way such as power lines. It also is labeled for the establishment and maintenance of wildlife openings and can be used on sites that include grazed areas. The state-of-the-art formulation, offered exclusively from Dow AgroSciences, is based on methylated seed oil (MSO) as the solvent.

In field tests, the Garlon 4 Ultra formulation demonstrated increased efficacy on high-anxiety woody species that include cherry, loblolly pine, mesquite, red oak, sweetgum and Scotch broom. At the same time, Garlon 4 Ultra provides the same high level of control that users of Garlon 4 specialty herbicide have come to expect for problem vegetation that include alder, ash, birch, blackberry, ceanothus, chinquapin, clover, dandelion, dogwood, elm, kudzu, maple, oak, poison ivy, ragweed and wild violet.

Conforms to changing environmental regulations. The advanced Garlon 4 Ultra specialty herbicide formulation uses no petroleum distillates important for compliance in states that have or are considering mandated reductions of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) emissions into the atmosphere.

The plant-derived solvent formulation results in a milder scent to help reduce the possible public objections associated with the strong odor of a petroleum-based solvent. The MSO solvent is less phytotoxic to foliage than petroleum-based formulations, and, therefore, the superior control can be attributed to improved uptake of active ingredient into plants. Because Garlon 4 Ultra uses triclopyr as the active ingredient, the same used in Garlon 4, the two herbicides share an extensive toxicology database and similar toxicology attributes. Garlon 4 Ultra is labeled with a Caution signal word. Always have a label attached, and it is hereby noted that for all purposes, the label is the law, and according to federal law, the product label must be followed, and any pesticide product must be used according to the label directions. Any advice or recommendations given by Seed Ranch or anyone representing Seed Ranch will never be intended to take the place of the pesticide label. The pesticide label is the law and a legal document. Always read and follow the label directions before using any pesticide product.

It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and/or the end user to provide a license, permit, registration, etc. If required by that purchaser's local or state authorities. The products we sell are intended for personal and professional use only, in accordance with the customer's state laws and restrictions. It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling.

This product cannot be used for any purpose that it is not labeled for. The Label is The Law. We will follow all applicable federal and state laws and regulations regarding the sale of pesticide products.

Garlon 4 Ultra Triclopyr 60.45% Herbicide 2.5 Gallon Woody Brush Killer

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