Monument 75WG Selective Herbicide (5 x 5 gram Packets) 25 grams

Monument 75WG Selective Herbicide (5 x 5 gram Packets) 25 grams
Monument 75WG Selective Herbicide (5 x 5 gram Packets) 25 grams

Monument 75WG Selective Herbicide (5 x 5 gram Packets) 25 grams

Monument 75WG Selective Herbicide quantity of 1 (5 x 5 gram Packets) 25 grams or 0.88 ounces total Net Weight. Ask any questions prior to the end of the sale.

(5 x 5gram Packets) 25g total. Monument75WG Herbicide, a sulfonylurea, is a selective post-emergence herbicide thatcontrols a wide variety of weeds including the majority of sedges (nutsedge ornut grass), oxalis, green kyllinga, and multiple other species of broadleafweeds and grasses. Use Monument 75WG Herbicide on warm season turf incommercial settings such as sod farms, commercial property management, and golfcourses. Weed control by Monument 75WG Herbicide is greatly improved whenthe soil has enough moisture and weeds are actively growing.

All major categories of sedgespecies, green kyllinga, oxalis, Poa annua, and various other grass andbroadleaf species. For use on several types of warmseason grasses.

May be applied to bermudagrass, zoysiagrass and buffalograss ongolf courses, sod farms, sport fields, residential properties (except inCalifornia) including home lawns, and other non-residential turf areas such asairports, cemeteries, commercial buildings, and similar sites. Do not use onturfgrasses other than those listed on the label (unless listed under weedscontrolled) or severe injury may result May be applied to St. Augustine when grown for production of sod only. (0.5 gram) packet per 2gallons of water per 1,000 sq.

(add Surfactant for 2 gallons). Thedegree of control resulting from application of Monument 75WG is primarilydependent upon weed species, weed size at application, environmentalconditions, amount of Monument 75WG applied, and growing conditions.

Weedcontrol is greatly improved when weeds have emerged, ample soil moistureexists, and weeds are actively growing, than when the soil is dry and weeds areunder stress from lack of moisture. Growthof susceptible weeds is inhibited soon after application of Monument 75WG.

Theleaves of susceptible plants normally turn yellow, red or purple after severaldays, followed by necrosis and death of the growing point. Complete plant deathoccurs 1-3 weeks after application, depending upon weed species, growingconditions, etc. Monument75WG controls weeds by inhibiting (stopping) a biochemical process thatproduces certain essential amino acids necessary for plant growth. Theinhibited enzyme system is acetolactate synthase (ALS).

Certain weeds specieshave naturally-occurring biotypes within the population that are resistant toALS-inhibiting herbicides. Applications of ALS-inhibiting herbicides used alonein the same area(s) continuously over a number of years can lead to an increasewithin a weed population of the ALS-resistant biotype(s). This, in turn, mayreduce the utility of ALS-inhibiting herbicides for controlling entirepopulations of that particular weed species.

To prevent or delay a build-up ofALS-resistant weed species biotypes, weed management programs should includethe use of appropriately registered herbicides, for use on turf and for controlof these weeds, with different modes of action (MOAs) within the same year, orsequential years. Hand weeding before weeds set seed may also be helpful inreducing the build-up and spread of herbicide-resistant biotypes. The label is available online. The item "Monument 75WG Selective Herbicide (5 x 5 gram Packets) 25 grams" is in sale since Sunday, October 25, 2020.

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Monument 75WG Selective Herbicide (5 x 5 gram Packets) 25 grams

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