RoundUp QuikPro SC Total 2.5gal Formerly Esplanade EZ

RoundUp QuikPro SC Total 2.5gal Formerly Esplanade EZ

RoundUp QuikPro SC Total 2.5gal Formerly Esplanade EZ

Esplanade EZ Herbicide is a comprehensive solution for weed control, offering both pre-emergent and post-emergent applications. This non-selective herbicide is designed to manage over 75 types of grassy and broadleaf weeds, delivering visible results within hours of application. Its formulation is pre-mixed, making it convenient for use with backpack sprayers, and it provides up to six months of residual control after just one treatment. What is Esplanade EZ Herbicide? Esplanade EZ Herbicide is a powerful weed management product that combines the active ingredients Indaziflam, Diquat dibromide, and Glyphosate isopropylamine salt.

It is designed for use in non-crop areas and is effective against a broad spectrum of weeds. The product is rainfast in 30 minutes, ensuring its effectiveness even in unpredictable weather.

How to Use Esplanade EZ Herbicide Using Esplanade EZ Herbicide is straightforward. Preparation: Shake the Esplanade EZ bottle before tank mixing the solution. Mixing: Add 8-16 oz of Esplanade EZ per 1 gallon of water.

Application: Apply the mixed solution evenly over the desired area using a sprayer. Coverage: The mixture covers approximately 500 sq ft with 8 oz and 1000 sq ft with 16 oz per gallon of water. Post-Application: It is recommended to spot spray hard-to-kill weeds 2 weeks after the initial treatment if necessary. Where to Apply Esplanade EZ Herbicide Esplanade EZ is perfect for use in various non-crop areas, including.

Vacant lots and gravel areas. Loading ramps and fence rows.

Managed roadsides and non-planted areas around buildings and facilities. Weeds Labeled for Control with Esplanade EZ Herbicide Esplanade EZ controls a wide range of weeds, including but not limited to.

Broadleaf weeds: Common chickweed, wild mustard, kochia, marestail, spotted spurge, white clover, and more. Grassy weeds: Crabgrass, goosegrass, cheatgrass, giant foxtail, perennial ryegrass, and more.

For a complete list of controlled weeds, refer to the product label. How Much to Apply The application rate of Esplanade EZ Herbicide varies depending on the level of weed infestation. For lighter infestations: Use 8 oz per gallon of water per 500 sq ft. For heavier infestations: Use 16 oz per gallon of water per 1000 sq ft.

Do not exceed 5.4 gallons of product per acre per year to avoid over-application. Safety Precautions When using Esplanade EZ Herbicide, it is important to follow these safety precautions. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, shoes plus socks, and waterproof gloves. Avoid Drift: Apply the herbicide when the air is calm to prevent spray drift onto desirable vegetation. Storage: Keep the product in a secure location out of reach of children and pets.

Disposal: Dispose of any unused product and its container in accordance with local regulations. Apply to small and actively growing weeds for best results, ideally when temperatures are above 60°F and sunny. Thoroughly spray existing weeds and the entire area to ensure complete coverage. Avoid use in landscaped areas or around vegetable gardens where planting will occur within six months after treatment. Do not use on turf grass to prevent damage to desirable plants. Shield established plants with plastic or cardboard to protect them from spray drift.

Rinse any plant that accidentally comes into contact with Esplanade EZ with water. Do not use a steel sprayer unless it is stainless steel to avoid corrosion. Esplanade EZ Herbicide is a versatile and effective solution for long-term weed control in non-crop areas.

By following the directions for use, application rates, and safety precautions, users can achieve a weed-free environment with minimal effort. Always consult the product label for detailed instructions and safety information before use.

RoundUp QuikPro SC Total 2.5gal Formerly Esplanade EZ

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